US voters in swing states more likely to vote for crypto-friendly politicians – survey

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US voters in swing states more likely to vote for crypto-friendly politicians – survey US voters in swing states more likely to vote for crypto-friendly politicians – survey Assad Jafri · 6 hours ago · 2 min read

US voters in swing states are becoming increasing interested in crypto and are more likely to vote for politicians that have a favorable view of the industry.

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Updated: May. 7, 2024 at 8:13 pm UTC

US voters in swing states more likely to vote for crypto-friendly politicians – survey

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A majority of registered voters in key US swing states have voiced dissatisfaction with the current financial system while also showing a significant interest in crypto, according to a comprehensive new survey published by the Blockchain Association on May 7.

The study, conducted by Harris Poll, surveyed over 1,200 registered voters across Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

The report found widespread dissatisfaction with the current financial system, with 80% of respondents agreeing that it favors elites over regular people and 79% saying it lacks transparency.

Conversely, only 38% of respondents felt the financial system was meant for “people like me,” and just 26% viewed it as fair for all. Despite this dissatisfaction, many respondents expressed positive feelings about their own financial health.

Notable interest in crypto

Interest in crypto was notable among the voters surveyed. While current crypto ownership stood at 14%, nearly a third of respondents (31%) expressed positive feelings towards crypto, associating it with traits like innovation and accessibility.

The report highlighted a “Crypto-Positive” group of voters who were more enthusiastic about digital assets and saw it as a potential avenue for financial security and prosperity. One voter in the survey said:

“Crypto represents a new way towards financial security and prosperity.”

The report added that the statement echoes the sentiments of many who view crypto as the future of financial transactions.

Political implications

The report also emphasized the political implications of these attitudes, with 40% of respondents wishing political candidates talked more about digital currency.

Furthermore, almost half of voters expressed distrust toward candidates who interfere with crypto, while 30% indicated they would be more likely to support a candidate friendly toward digital assets.

The report emphasized the potential electoral advantages for candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the technology. Based on the survey responses, it noted:

“Talking about crypto in an informed way could help candidates for office stand out.”

The report also touched on the need for sensible regulation, with a majority of respondents supporting an overhaul of crypto regulation and expressing a desire for government consumer and investor protections in place.

The study suggested that measured regulation could appeal to a broad voter base, both those enthusiastic about crypto and those skeptical of it.

Overall, the report highlights the evolving attitudes of voters in key swing states toward both the traditional financial system and emerging digital currencies, presenting potential opportunities and challenges for political candidates in the upcoming elections.

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