Bitcoin ‘pretty unlikely’ to revisit $50K price level, says analyst

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The frequency of Bitcoin reaching higher support price levels, as well as the “lack of immediate froth” in the derivatives markets, suggests that its price is unlikely to retrace down to $50,000 anytime soon, according to a crypto analyst.

Senior analyst at digital asset fund UTXO Management, Dylan LeClair, explained in an analyst note on April 7 that if Bitcoin (BTC) rises back into the $70,000–$75,000 price range, it will put significant pressure on short positions.

“As we’ve consolidated, an increasing amount of short liquidations are building from 70-75k,” he stated.

If Bitcoin’s price rises to $70,000, approximately $174.17 million will be liquidated, according to CoinGlass data.

Bitcoin liquidation map. Source: CoinGlass

Should it reach the upper boundary of LeClair’s range ($75,000), around $830 million worth of short positions would face liquidation.

This translates to roughly a 7.8% increase from Bitcoin’s current price of $69,344. Likewise, a similar percentage change of 7.5%, but in a downward movement, occurred on March 15, resulting in $525.2 million in liquidations.

LeClair explained although a decline in Bitcoin’s price to $50,000 — a 27% decrease from its current price at the time of writing — could trigger substantial liquidation of long positions, he doesn’t foresee it, considering the recent price shifts and the increasing support levels.

“While there is a large cluster of longs that could be taken out at ~50k, given the structure of higher lows and the lack of immediate froth in the derivatives landscape currently, I find it pretty unlikely we revisit that level,” he stated.

“Not impossible of course,” he warned. Bitcoin’s price last dipped below $50,000 on Feb. 13, hitting $49,725.

Just a day before, on Feb. 12, it reached $50,000, a level not reached since December 2021.

He backed up his claims by citing the recent action by global asset manager BlackRock, which updated its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) prospectus on April 5, adding five big Wall Street firms as new authorized participants.

New members include ABN AMRO Clearing, Citadel Securities, Citigroup Global Markets, Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities

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Prominent crypto traders are speculating over Bitcoin’s price ahead of the halving event, which is set for April 20. This event occurs every four years and will cut miner block rewards by 50%, from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

Cointelegraph recently reported that Bitcoin’s price has risen around 658% since the last Bitcoin halving in 2020. If historical chart patterns were to repeat, Bitcoin’s price would reach $434,280 per coin by the 2028 halving if it performs similarly to the current cycle.

Crypto trader Rekt Capital believes there’s considerable potential for further upward movement in the short term. He told his 443,000 followers in an April 7 post that the market is approximately one-third through the “bull market” phase.

Source: Rekt Capital

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